Monday, 5 April 2010

Sanding down sculpture

I took my idea for my sculpture from this illustration I created for the BBC Philharmonic Manchester.

I think it looks more like a snowman than a bird! but when it is off the base and maybe in a nest it might look ok

I have spent quite a few hours over Easter trying to get my sculpture smooth but have not succeeded. This is a learning curve as I think the cement was not mixed properly. The next one I make I will certainly be getting the finish a lot smoother before it begins to dry. I was thinking I could use the same tools I use when trying to get icing flat on a cake!
The eye of the bird has also not been as successful as I hoped because I did not use enough colour before it was fired. Although the idea of putting white plastic tubing through the middle of the sculpture so the light would shine through has worked well.



Rose your illustration is so beautiful and your sculpture idea is lovely! maybe just a little more trial and error with the mixing... I suppose your cement sculpture experience originates in Cyprus so you are probably also dealing with very different heat and humidity issues!

can't wait to see what you do next... x

Are you curious about me? said...

Hi Rose

Carol was trying to explain this sculpture to me and she did a good job to, just like the picture she had painted in my head.. such a clever girl.

What 'is' his beak? I don't recognise it.

I hope that Carol and I can have a go with this in the summer, it looks such fun.

~ Julie

Rose Lloyd said...

Hi Julie the beak is a rusty old divider. I hope you and Carol have fun with this type of sculpture